Colours of Love International Concert 5

October 1, 2022

The Meeting House, Oakville

Music is the universal language that binds us all together regardless of our differences.

Tickets will be for sale on Spring 2022

Colours Of Love VIP Launch Party 2019

Mission, Vision, Values

The Colours of Love International Concert is a mission of spreading love and celebrating diversity through performing arts. The universal language of music and dance builds us all together as a global society. We experience the beauty and diversity of all nationalities. The are the deepest and most profound forms of self-expression. They transcend time, borders and beliefs. Our productions provide an environment where everyone can experience artists from around the world and embrace the many Colours of Love.

Owner of Fotografia Boutique, a premier portrait studio in Oakville. Maggie is an artist, a creative genius, a passionate cultural arts event producer and a successful entrepreneur.

“I believe in pure, innocent, unconditional love. Regardless of age, gender, nationality, religion or beliefs, social status, or anything in between. We are amazing human beings with unique talents and gifts that should only bring out the best in each other. Love, love, love one another.”

Colours of Love International Concert

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