Colours of Love International Concert 5

October 1, 2022

The Meeting House, Oakville

Music is the universal language that binds us all together regardless of our differences. 

VIP Tickets will include access to a gala ”Mingle with the Stars” including entertainment, food, and drinks.

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Featured Artists

Vivian Fang Liu

Vivian Fang Liu

Vivian Fang Liu is an Award-winning Pianist, Singer, Songwriter, Grammy voting member and Educator.

Raymon Ramnarine

Raymond Ramnarine

Raymond Ramnarine is a Trinidadian Chutney Soca & Bollywood singer, songwriter, and producer.

Ilona Anna Urbaniak

Ilona Urbaniak

Polish-Canadian singer songwriter Ilona Urbaniak is a woman of many talents, with a doctorate in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo and a hit original album entitled “Handcrafted Love” released in 2018.

Dora Paszuk

Dorah Paszik

Dora Paszuk is a dancer, writer, artist, and photographer. 

Colours of Love International Concert Anthem

Mission, Vision, Values

The Colours of Love International Concert is a mission of spreading love and celebrating diversity through performing arts. The universal language of music and dance builds us all together as a global society. We experience the beauty and diversity of all nationalities. They are the deepest and most profound forms of self-expression. They transcend time, borders and beliefs. Our productions provide an environment where everyone can experience artists from around the world and embrace the many Colours of Love.

Owner of Fotografia Boutique, a premier portrait studio in Oakville. Maggie is an artist, a creative genius, a passionate cultural arts event producer and a successful entrepreneur.

“I believe in pure, innocent, unconditional love. Regardless of age, gender, nationality, religion or beliefs, social status, or anything in between. We are amazing human beings with unique talents and gifts that should only bring out the best in each other. Love, love, love one another.”

Colours of Love International Concert

Maggie Habieda

Thank You To Our Sponsors


Dianne (Kali) Morgan

Dianne (Kali) Morgan

Kali Believes in kindness, equality, fairness and justice for all no matter what one’s
beliefs, social standing, ethnicity and status may be. Kali lives by a the simplicity
of “being the change we wish to see in the world”.

Maggie Kubat

Maggie Kubat

Having 17 years of experience running her business in the event industry, she is an
exceptionally skilled multitasker, communicator, organizer, and negotiator.

Maggie Habieda

Maggie Habieda

Maggie Habieda is the entrepreneurial owner and master photographer of Fotografia Boutique, a highly successful premier portrait studio in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Mala Sharma-Singh

Mala Sharma-Singh

Mala is a Casting Director for local and International Films shot throughout Canada. Mala produced, directed, and hosted television shows on ATN, City TV and Global television Network.

Marika Arovuo

Marika Arovuo

Marika helps businesses grow through designing elegant digital experiences that
generate leads, convert clients, and encourage ongoing transactions.

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